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Steven Moody
Licking County Apiarist

(740) 260-9019

[email protected]

According to Ohio Revised Code Section 909.01-909.18, the Ohio Board of County Commissioners may appropriate such funds as it deems sufficient for the inspection of apiaries (bee hives) in its county. It may appoint a deputy apiarist with the consent and concurrence of the Director of Agriculture, and said deputy to serve during the pleasure of said board. On January 5, 2023 the Licking County Board of Commissioners appointed Steve Moody as the apiary inspector for Licking County for year 2023 by approving Resolution 117-158.

Steven is a former Marine and holds a degree in wildlife conservation from Zane State. Steven reported Licking County has over 315 registered hives in 2023 and by Ohio law, hives must be registered and in order to sell bees, the hive has to be inspected. Steven inspects for diseases/pests that might impact bees/other wildlife, mitigate issues, connects the community with solutions, and helps refer for needed testing. Commissioner Tim Bubb stated; “The Licking County Commissioners have been impressed with Steven’s knowledge and willingness to share information with the community.”

If you are interested in obtaining more information about beekeeping, bee hives or just bees – Bee sure to contact Steven Moody at 740-260-9019 OR Email Steven at: [email protected]