Child Support Enforcement Agency (CSEA)


The Licking County Child Support Enforcement Agency is pleased to provide an overview to our basic services, descriptions of those services, and how you can become better informed regarding your court ordered child support case. The Child Support Enforcement Agency does not represent either the mother or the father of the child(ren). The CSEA represents the court order and our obligation is to make sure that it is fulfilled.

The following pages highlight some of the programs, useful tools to become educated regarding your support order, and how to ultimately become more informed. 

Each child support case is unique and there is no one-size fits all process regarding child support. Each case is different and while there may appear to be similarities, there may be different approaches and different outcomes that do not match your particular situation.

The Resource Guide is designed to help those who have a child support order become more familiar with the process, understand how it works, and to become better educated regarding child support processes. The guide is color coded and contains valuable information and reference numbers as well as a section devoted to frequently asked questions and a glossary of terms. 

It will be very important for you to continue to be in communication with the Agency over the duration of the child support order, as there may be important documents you will need to sign or changes in how child support will be collected or distributed. 

We hope that this information is helpful to you so you can be more informed regarding your child support case. 

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