Applying for a Marriage License


All marriage applicants must appear in-person at Licking County Probate Clerk’s Office by appointment only to obtain their marriage license. Marriage applications must be submitted online at least twenty-four (24) hours prior the appointment or in-person at the time of the appointment. Call (740) 670-5624 to make an appointment.

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Our Probate Court issues Marriage Licenses to Licking County, Ohio residents who wish to marry in the State of Ohio, and those out of state residents wishing to marry in Licking County, Ohio.

Location, Contact Information & Hours of Operation:
Licking County Probate Court
1 N. Park Place, 1st Floor
Newark, Ohio 43055
Monday – Friday 8:15 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Who can apply for a marriage license in Licking County, Ohio?

  • ONE or BOTH applicants MUST be a resident of Licking County, Ohio. The license can be used anywhere in the State of Ohio
  • Residents of another state may apply, but the license must be used (marriage performed) in Licking County, Ohio
  • Each applicant must be eighteen (18) years of age or older
  • If either applicant is under the age of eighteen (18) please contact the Court to obtain information on the additional requirements to obtain a Marriage License

What is the cost to apply?

  • $70.00 Cash, credit, and debit are acceptable forms of payment. Checks will not be accepted for marriage applications.

What information is required to complete a marriage application?

  • Full name, social security number, current address, telephone number, place of birth(city and state), date of birth and occupation
  • First, middle and last name of parents as shown on birth certificate, including maiden names
  • Number of previous marriages
  • Most recent divorce/dissolution information
  • If widowed, full name and date of death of deceased spouse
  • Person expected to perform the ceremony, if known

What documentation is required?

  • A current driver’s license (or other valid state ID or passport)
  • If your present address is not the address on your driver’s license, please provide the Court with a piece of current mail showing your present address (both applicants must show proof of their current address)
  • If either applicant has been previously married and the marriage ended by Divorce/Dissolution, a CERTIFIED copy of your most recent Divorce/Dissolution decree must be presented to the Court. If either applicant is widowed, a CERTIFIED copy of the Death Certificate of the deceased spouse must be presented to the Court

When should you apply for a marriage license, and how long is it valid?

  • Online marriage license applications must be submitted at least twenty-four (24) hours prior to the appointment 
  • In-person marriage license applications may be completed at the time of the appointment
  • The marriage license is valid when issued and there is no required waiting period between its issuance and the marriage ceremony
  • To avoid complications, it is recommended that the license be obtained approximately two weeks prior to the intended marriage date
  • A marriage license must be used within sixty (60) days of issuance or it becomes void

Who can perform a marriage in Licking County, Ohio?

  • An ordained or licensed minister of any religious society or congregation within this state, may perform a marriage if, prior to the ceremony, that individual is also licensed by the State of Ohio to perform marriages
  • The license to perform marriages is obtained through The Office of the Ohio Secretary of State.  It is encouraged that you inquire with The Ohio Secretary of State’s Office to ensure the individual is licensed to marry by calling 1-614-466-2655 or visit their website at