Recorder's Office Offers Online Records Access

The Licking County Recorder's Office has made it possible to view documents over the internet. By logging on to the Recorder's Page and clicking on the link, you can view documents that have been recorded since September 22, 1997. Citizens will be able to view their deeds, mortgages, mortgage releases, mortgage assignments, UCC statements, as well as numerous other documents recorded by the County Recorder.

This online service to your records should make it more convenient for the citizens, title searchers and bank to find the information that they need for personal use as well as for home and mortgage closings.

Make sure to use the help section on the opening screen. It will assist you in the use of our software. If you have any questions, please give us a call at (740) 670-5300.

Bryan A. Long

Licking County Recorder

Previous News

In 1999, we processed and recorded 50,826 documents. Of these documents there were 8,598 deeds to property recorded. Also, 13,895 mortgages on property in Licking County were recorded in the Licking County Recorders Office.

This is the busiest year we have experienced in the Recorders Office to date.