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Victim Information and Notification Everyday is a service of the Licking County Sheriff's Office, that allows anyone to retrieve information about the status of an inmate in the Licking County Justice Center, via phone.

V.I.N.E. allows anyone to register for notification, upon the release or status change of an inmate, within the Licking County Justice Center.

Call 1-800-770-0192 any time, seven days a week, to register for the free service.

How do I use V.I.N.E. ?

If you are calling from a rotary phone, dial 1-800-770-0192 and wait to speak with an operator.

If you are calling from a touch tone phone, dial 1-800-770-0192 and listen to the instructions.

Helpful Hints:

  • To register, you must give V.I.N.E. one or two phone numbers where you can be reached or someone you trust can be reached. The system will continue to call until it gets an answer and someone enters the correct 4 digit P.I.N. code that you used when you registered.
  • V.I.N.E. provides immediate notification when the defendant is released. Do not be startled if you receive a late night call from V.I.N.E.
  • All victims must call V.I.N.E. to register for notification, even after providing their name and address to the arresting officer.
  • If V.I.N.E. reaches an answering machine, it will leave a message. V.I.N.E. will continue to dial the registered telephone number for up to 24 hours or until the correct P.I.N. code is entered.
  • Don't register a telephone number that reaches a switchboard.

Who should use V.I.N.E. ?

  • Anyone that has been the victim of a crime in which one or more defendants have been arrested.
  • If your offender is incarcerated in the Licking County Jail, or within the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections, or the Ohio Department of Youth Services.

Call V.I.N.E. today at 1-800-770-0192

For more information contact

Victim Advocate Mark Weiner R.A. at 740-670-5545 (direct line) or 740-670-5555 or Email.

( Click Here To View V.I.N.E. (Victim Notification) Service Pamphlet )