Surviving an Active Shooter Attack Training (SASA)

The program is presented in 2 formats, Lecture only (seminar type) and full session with hands - on session.

The Lecture covers the history and statistics of Active Shooter Events, along with Law Enforcement, Fire/EMS response. The program focuses on enhancing the lock-down procedures already in place. The students are taught simple techniques that increase the chances of surviving a Violent Attack.

The hands-on-training with both the Enhanced Lock-down Tactics and BITT (Basic Improvised Trauma Treatment) brings the two parts together by the end of the session to help the students see the whole picture and how truly useful they can be in limiting the damages caused by a violent attack. During these hands-on portions, the students are placed into simulated "active scenarios" and using the new techniques learned, see their chance of survivability dramatically increase.

Contact Deputy Moore for information or to schedule a session

Deputy Gus Moore