Veterans of Licking County can be transported to any VA medical center in our district for their appointments. Catholic Social Services will provide door-to-door transportation. Please contact Catholic Social Services at (740) 345-0353 a minimum of 72 hours prior to your appointment to schedule a ride. To take advantage of the transportation service, proof of veteran eligibility is required (DD form 214), and the transportation ID card available at the Licking County Veterans' Service Office.

Service officers

The Licking County Veterans' Service Commission employs accredited service officers who can assist the veteran or their dependent in filing for the following VA benefits: service-connected compensation, non-service connected disability pension, survivor's pension, death and burial benefits, VA healthcare enrollment, headstones, education, home loan guarantee certificates, vocational rehabilitation, upgrading or correcting DD form 214's, and any other benefits available from federal or state sources. The service officers will monitor claims once they are filed and will follow through with assistance on appeals when necessary.

Flags and grave markers

The Veterans' Service Office provides markers and flags for the grave of each veteran of Licking County. Each cemetery handles the placement of the flags and markers independently. Please contact the cemetery to find out what their policy is. The Veterans' Service Office is happy to provide a flag and marker to family members who wish to mark the grave themselves.


The Licking County Veterans' Service Office can assist the veteran or next of kin in obtaining lost documents needed to file for federal, state, or county benefits. These documents may include the DD form 214, marriage licenses, divorce decrees, birth certificates, and medical records. The office will not pay for any fees needed to obtain the document.


Staff of the Licking County Veterans' Service Office can assist a veteran or their dependents in seeking copies of lost or destroyed medals.