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Licking County GIS Downloads

All data available for download is projected to the Ohio State Plane South Zone Coordinate System (NAD 83) and is represented in units of feet.

The County has converted over 93,000 parcel records. It is difficult to determine if all information has been accurately converted. If you discover an error while using the data, please e-mail us so that we can make the appropriate correction(s).

To minimize the download time, some downloadable information is maintained in a ZIP compressed format and must be uncompressed prior to actual use.

If you would like to continue to download the information described above please read and accept the following text.

The Licking County GIS information is constantly being updated and improved by our staff; thus, the data is subject to change at any time.

The maps and associated data, being made available to you, are for reference purposes only and are not intended to represent an official land survey or description of any property identified. Please refer to the official recorded plats or deeds for the actual description of the property dimensions and associated information.

Suitability of this data for your use is not guaranteed and the user assumes all risk for such use.

GIS Downloads

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