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 Thomas M. Marcelain

Olivia Parkinson
Clerk of Courts

 W. David Branstool


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Jury Service: Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How was I selected?
In Licking County, jurors are randomly selected from a list of registered voters provided by the Board of Elections.

2. What is a Petit Jury?
A trial jury is also called a petit jury. This is a group of people selected by the judge and attorneys who determine any question or issue of fact in a civil or criminal trial according to law and the evidence introduced at the trial.

3. What should I wear?
Business/Casual attire is acceptable, but since you will be involved in court proceedings, clothing such as tank or halter tops, shorts, t-shirts, or sweat pants is not appropriate to wear while you are sitting as a juror. Temperatures can vary in the courtrooms, so you may wish to bring a sweater or jacket. No hats are permitted in the courtroom during any proceedings.

4. How long will I have to serve?
Jury service in Licking County Common Pleas Court is for one week. However, if you are seated as a juror, you will be required to continue to report until the trial is concluded.

5. How much will I be paid?
Jurors are paid at the rate of $25 per day. Payment is made by check, 1 to 2 weeks after the completion of jury service.

6. Where do I report for jury duty?
The General Division Common Pleas Court is located in the main courthouse on the square in downtown Newark, located across from the Licking County Administration Building, (20 S. Second Street).

7. Where should I park?
If you are required to report for jury duty, free parking is provided in the County Parking Garage located at 53 S. Second Street, Newark, OH 43055. There is also free parking on the streets surrounding the courthouse. If you choose to park on the street, please make sure that you display your juror parking pass (included in your jury packet) and that you are not in a private parking lot, (behind a business or office building).

8. What time will I arrive and leave?
The normal business hours for the court are 8:00 am – 4:30 pm. You may be required to report at a different time; the phone call in system or website will advise you of the specific time to report if your services are required. If you are seated for a trial, you may serve later than 4:30 pm. Each Judge will set the actual time when trials will start and end in their courtrooms each day.

9. Will I have to go through any security measures when I enter the courthouse?
Yes. All persons entering the courthouse are subject to a security search and will be required to pass through an “airport style” metal detector. Bags, cases, etc. will be x-rayed and/or searched. Please remember that electronic devices, (cameras, cell phones, radios, recorders, etc.), firearms, mace, pocket knives and other potential weapons are not permitted in the courthouse.

10. If there is an emergency at home, how will my family reach me?
In the case of an emergency, your family can call the Clerk’s office at (740) 670-5791.

11. Do you provide childcare while serving as a juror?
Childcare is not provided at the Licking County Courthouse. Please do not bring children with you. Jurors are expected to arrange for childcare during their term of jury service.

12. What should I expect?
You should plan on spending most of your stay in the courtroom. You may bring reading material or other appropriate items to occupy your time when you are not in trial. Please remember that electronic devices are not permitted in the courthouse. Jurors will report to the 2nd floor of the courthouse after passing through security and will check in with the jury clerk in the foyer. Jurors will then be instructed which jury room to assemble in and will view an orientation video that explains the jury selection process. The judge’s bailiff will then call the prospective jurors into the courtroom where the voir dire process will begin. Voir dire is a question and answer session where the judge and attorneys ask questions of the prospective jurors (to determine who is qualified and unbiased to be on a particular jury.) Any conflicts that you may have will be addressed during this time. Through this process, a jury will be selected and sworn in for trial. Remaining jurors are excused at that time and may obtain a jury verification form from the Clerk’s office to give to their employer.

13. Will I be allowed to take notes or ask questions if I am seated as a juror?
It is up to each individual judge to make a decision whether to allow note taking or jury questions. You will be given instructions regarding your responsibilities from the judge and/or bailiff after the jury is selected.

14. Can I get something to eat or drink at the courthouse?
There is an area with vending machines, but no snack bar or cafeteria. Coffee will be provided in the jury room, and you are welcome to bring water, soft drinks, snacks, etc. while you wait to be called to the courtroom. There are restaurants within an easy walk of the Courthouse, and you will be given frequent breaks throughout the day, as well as a lunch break.

15. How will I be advised if the court is closed due to a weather emergency?
Announcements of closings of government offices, including the courthouse, are made over the radio, and could also be found on www.lcounty.com.

16. What if I have an emergency on the day that I am to report?
If there is a sudden illness or emergency which will prevent you for appearing on your service date, please call the Clerk of Courts office at (740) 670-5796 after 8:00 am.

17. What if I no longer live in Licking County?
Complete the 1st and 2nd items on the Juror Questionnaire, sign and date the form on the back side, and return it to the Clerk of Courts in the provided envelope. You may also want to notify the Licking County Board of Elections that you no longer reside in Licking County.

18. Who is exempt or disqualified from jury duty?
Under Ohio Law, only cloistered members of religious organization and persons over 75 years of age are exempt from jury service. Persons who are no longer residents of Licking County and persons who have been convicted of a felony, and whose rights have not been restored (pursuant to ORC 2961.01), are disqualified. Jurors who have served on a jury within the previous year in Licking County may also be exempt. If any of these exceptions apply, it is still necessary to fill out the Juror Questionnaire and return it to the Clerk of Courts office.

19. What if I need to request that my jury service be rescheduled (due to a previously planned vacation, birth of a child, scheduled surgery, etc.)?
A temporary deferral of jury duty can be granted under certain circumstances. You must submit all requests in writing – please see #24 on the Juror Questionnaire. Your request will be presented to the assigned Judge for consideration. If granted, you will receive a letter from the Judge’s office letting you know the new date for your service.

20. May I ask to be excused for medical reasons or some other hardship?
Yes, but only those persons for whom jury service would be an extreme hardship may be excused. Inconvenience or loss of income to a prospective juror, (or employer), are not typically sufficient reasons to be excused from jury duty. All requests must be in writing and should include any documentation available to confirm your hardship – please see # 25 on the Juror Questionnaire. You will receive a letter from the Judge’s office letting you know that if you have OR HAVE NOT been excused.

21. What happens if a person fails to report for jury duty?
State law provides that such conduct is contempt of court. Following a show cause hearing, the court may impose a fine, order imprisonment, or both (ORC 2313.99(B)).