Title Office Fees

Licking County Clerk of Courts
Title Office

Dealer to Dealer(Resales) $5.00

Certificate of Title (Motor Vehicle) $15.00

Certificate of Title (Watercraft) $15.00

Replacement Title (Motor Vehicle) $15.00

Replacement Title (Watercraft) $15.00

Memorandum Title (Motor Vehicle) $5.00

Duplicate Title (Motor Vehicle)(Includes Notary Fee) $16.00

Salvage Title (Motor Vehicle) $4.00

Out of State Inspection $1.50

Certified Copy of a Title $5.00

Penalty for Late Application of a Title
(30 Days from Notary Date of Seller's Signature)

Licking County Sales Tax Rate 7.25%

Central Ohio Transit Area (COTA) 7.50%

Title Search (Per Name) $5.00

Manufactured Home Archive Fee $20.00
  • To obtain a Duplicate title your title must be lost, stolen or destroyed.
  • An out of state vehicle must have a physical inspection of the identification number (VIN) performed by an inspection station.
  • Never make alterations, erasures or use white-out on a title, if this is done the title becomes null and void.
  • Do not fill in any part of the assignment or application unless you are in front of a notary.
  • When assigning a vehicle over to a new buyer make sure you use their full legal name ( no nicknames) address and exact mileage. (DO NOT CHECK NON-ACTUAL OR EXCEED UNLESS IT APPLIES).
  • Your certificate of title must be processed within 30 days after being notarized. If not you will be assessed a $5.00 late fee.
  • No person can sign for someone else without a signed and notarized power of attorney.
  • A salvage title is issued when an insurance company declares the vehicle a total loss or the vehicle is impractical to fix. The owner may purchase the vehicle back. The vehicle cannot be driven until inspected by the highway patrol.
These fees are a matter of the Ohio Revised Code and are not negotiable. Please do not ask us to waive or change them.