Useful Terms to Know...

Administrative Fee:
The service fee associated with the cost of posting and distributing child support payments.

The amount of child support that is past due, unpaid or owed to the obligee.

Authorized Representative:
A person you have identified to make inquiries on your behalf. There is a signed form on file with the CSEA identifying this person. Otherwise, you are the only person who can make inquiries on your behalf.

The computation of the actual balance of the child support obligation in comparison to what was actually paid by the obligor. 

A person who is not the biological parent of a child and who has assumed or been granted legal custody though the Court. 

Case Manager:
The person who is responsible for the overall oversight and enforcement of the child support case. 

Current Child Support:
The court ordered amount including administrative processing owed by the obligee. This amount is amount is typically indicated as a monthly obligation.

Child Support Enforcement Agency

Custody Order:
A court ordered legally binding document that establishes with whom and where the child(ren) will reside.

When a court-ordered child support obligation has fallen behind the current payment schedule, the ordered amount can be equal to or greater than the current monthly obligation.
Termination of the current child support order when a child reaches the age of 18; has graduated or is no longer attending an accredited high school is 19 years old—which ever is first; marriage, serving in the Armed Forces; death or legal change of custody. 

Income Withholding (IW)
A wage garnishment sent by the CSEA to an employer on behalf of an obligor.

Non-Residential Parent:
The parent who the child does not reside with or the party required to pay child support (obligor). 

The person who receives the child support (payee, residential parent, or custodial parent).

The person who is court-ordered to pay child support (payor, non-residential parent, non-custodial parent).

Child Support Order (Order):
The document specifying any court ordered obligations including medical coverage (journal entry) 

Residential Parent:
See Obligee.

Short Leash Capias: A warrant for your arrest for non-compliance with the court order.

Support Enforcement Tracking System (SETS):
Is the data system that houses all client-specific information regarding each child support case. Information is retrieved by 10 digit SETS number or a social security number. 

Total Support Obligation:
The total monthly obligation including current support, past support (arrears) and administrative fees.