Making Child Support Payments

The most common way to make a child support payment is through your employer and an income wage withholding order. The CSEA will receive the Court Order and will contact your employer regarding the court ordered amount to deduct from your check. The withholding order is based on a monthly amount and is then broken down into installments based on the obligor’s pay schedule (e.g. weekly; bi-weekly; 1st and 15th of the month; or monthly basis). The CSEA receives the funds, distributes the funds accordingly, and releases the child support amount usually within 48 hours. If we do not receive any funds, we cannot release any funds.

Payment by Credit Card

We accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover credit/debit cards by calling 740.670.5998 Option 3 and a CSEA staff can take your payment over the phone.

Income or Wage Withholding

  • The CSEA will verify employment and issue a wage withholding order. The employer will deduct the amount of the support payment directly from the obligor’s wages and send them to Ohio Child Support Payment Central (OCSPC) in Columbus
  • The Child Support Agency can also order a wage withhold from certain types of “income benefits” including Social Security and Worker’s Compensation
  • The CSEA can also issue a wage withhold for those who are self employed from either a checking or savings account

It’s easy and it’s automatic—one less thing to think about!

What if I’m Unemployed?

If you are unemployed, the CSEA will work with Unemployment Compensation (UC) to get an income wage withhold order. The wage withhold from UC will address the child support order but will NOT include the administrative fee(s). You will be responsible for paying the difference

Once you have a new job, the CSEA will work with your new employer to establish a new wage withhold order.

Other Payment Methods:

Child Support Payment Central (CSPC)

  • Accepts checks, money orders, traveler’s checks and cashiers checks
  • All Payments should be made payable to CSPC and mailed to the following:
    • Ohio CSPC
    • P.O. Box 182372
    • Columbus, Ohio 43218-2372
  • Please Include your name and other parties names, case number or social security number.
  • Additional fees may apply for out-of-state transactions
  • There are time frames associated with payments being credited to accounts

CSEA Payment Window

  • The CSEA has a payment window open to receive payments
  • Hours are Monday – Thursday 7:30 AM. To 4:30 P.M. and Friday from 9:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M.
  • The Child Support Agency cannot accept checks

What Information do I need to provide to ensure that my case is credited?

  • Your Name
  • Your Social Security Number (optional)
  • SETS Case Number (10-digit number that begins with a 7)
  • Court Order Number
  • Amount that should be applied to each case (if you have more than one case)