CANHMP - Flood Hazard Mitigation


Licking County (“Community”) participates in the Federal Emergency Management Agency (“FEMA”) Community Ratings System (“CRS”) Program.  As a participant in this voluntary program, the Community may complete certain activities to reduce flood risk within the community and become a more resilient community. The community then receives points for each activity based on the pre-defined point range.  Based on the number of points received, the Community is ranked on a scale of Class 10 to Class 1, wherein Class 10 is the start point, and Class 1 is the highest achievement.  As an incentive, not only does the Community reduce flood risk and the negative impacts to life, property, and the economy that result from floods, property owners receive a discount on their flood insurance rates and the discount rate is based on the Class.  Currently, Licking County is a Class-7 community, and property owners receive a 15% discount on their flood insurance rates.  One activity in the CRS program is to have a Flood Hazard Mitigation Plan.  Because the Countywide-All Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan (“CANHMP”) includes flood hazard mitigation elements and was prepared in accordance with FEMA CRS standards, the plan qualifies as the Licking County Flood Hazard Mitigation Plan.  As a participant in the CRS program, the Community provides an annual report regarding the Flood Hazard Mitigation element of the CANHMP to provide an update to FEMA, local officials, and the community.  Below are links to the annual reports.

CANHMP- Flood Hazard Mitigation- Annual Reports