Agriculture for Tomorrow


History and Background

The Licking County Board of Commissioners established the Licking County Farmland Taskforce on November 13, 2000. The purpose of the Taskforce was to develop the Licking County Farmland Preservation Plan to preserve precious farmland and agriculture in Licking County.

At the Task Force's first meeting purpose statements were developed to guide the planning process. The Task Force split into four groups to discuss and develop these statements:

  • Develop comprehensive plan with wisdom and vision that enables a long-term solution in order to; identify the land best suited for agriculture, look at the true needs of agriculture and make it a viable business, educate the public in general and specifically regarding the difference between open space and agriculture, place an emphasis on preservation, develop a plan which is appropriate and unique to Licking County.
  • Provide some incentives and resources, such as educational and financial, for the political subdivisions of Licking County, to recognize the value of preserving the farmland and agriculture practices in Licking County. Help influence policy.
  • To be an advisory group that compiles information and resources for educational purposes. Develop a plan that balances agriculture and development.
  • Recognize separate goals in Farmland Preservation; protect land owner rights, get most land preserved for the money, find novel ways to preserve farmland, educate in order to achieve above goals, find common ground.

Common themes can be found in each of the statements, including but not limited to comprehensive planning, education, learning from other counties, balancing perspectives and influencing public policy. Of course the other common theme in all of the purpose statements was the preservation of farmland.

agriculture for tommorrow

During the next two years the Licking County Farmland Taskforce met regularly, conducted several public meetings to obtain public input, and had numerous professionals from Agricultural related organizations such as the Ohio Department of Agriculture come speak on various topics. The result of all this work was the completion of and the adoption of the Licking County Farmland Preservation Plan in 2002. This document is known as "Agriculture For Tomorrow, the Licking County Farmland Preservation Plan".

Again this document is to serve as a guide for public officials and residents of Licking County as they try to balance growth with agriculture preservation. This plan should be used in conjunction with existing local comprehensive plans and in the updates of those plans.

Currently the Taskforce has been dissolved and a new committee has been established by the Licking County Board of Commissioners to work towards implementing the goals and objectives of Agriculture for Tomorrow - The Licking County Farmland Preservation Plan. The Agriculture For Tomorrow Committee has been established for an initial three-year term starting November 17, 2003 and ending November 17, 2006 to work towards implementing the farmland preservation plan.

The Agriculture For Tomorrow Committee is a group of volunteers consisting of residents and officials from Licking County who are concerned about the preservation of farmland and Agriculture within Licking County. Each member brings to the group their personal and professional experience. With this combination of individuals it is the groups intent and desire to see that aspects of the Licking County Farmland Preservation Plan are implemented. This group is not funded by Licking County Government nor does it currently have a source of income to implement many aspects of this plan. Therefore many of it's efforts currently will be in the form of education, lobbying, and organization.

This website will be one means in which this committee will try to keep the public informed, educated and provide a means of communication for those interested and concerned with the preservation of farmland and the agricultural industry in licking county. Please check back regularly to follow the progression of this effort and feel free to submit any comments both positive and constructive so that this group may gage their efforts.

Thank you for visiting and we hope you find this site, which is under continuous development, useful and informative.