Major Subdivision Process


Any division of land that requires platting due to new roadways, number of lots, utility extensions, or other factors will follow the Major Subdivision Process. This page will provide helpful guidance and information regarding this process.

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Getting Started

Step 1: Review the information on this page to become familiar with the process, regulations, and information involved.

Step 2: Contact the LCPC staff to discuss your project.

Step 3: Hire a professional engineer to begin discussing feasibility, costs, and alternatives.

Step 4: Decide upon your preferred alternative.

Step 5: Contact the LCPC staff to hold an informal concept review meeting.

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Depending on the complexity of the project, the Major Subdivision process typically ranges from six (6) months to two (2) years, from initial submittal to recording of the plat. This includes, but not limited to review, construction, and inspections.

All land divisions not covered by the Minor Land Division Process (Section 301 of the Licking County Subdivision Regulations), must follow the process and regulations for creating a Major Subdivision. Any subdivision involving a new roadway will follow the Major Subdivision process.

Yes. Other agencies may need to review site plans depending on the location of the development. A list of agencies that may be a part of the technical review process is listed at the bottom of this page. Contact the LCPC to find out which specific agencies will need to be contacted.

After a set of construction plans has been reviewed and approved by the appropriate reviewing agencies. In some cases, it may be possible to submit a mass grading site plan while the full set of construction plans is being reviewed. The mass-grading plans (including SWPPP plans and the stormwater report) may be approved prior to the full set of construction plans in order to allow developments to move at a faster pace.

No. Applicants are encouraged to meet with LCPC Staff and other agencies involved to discuss the proposed site plan ahead of a preliminary plan submission in order to uncover any major issues. However, the submission of plans is first required at the preliminary plan phase.

To find out more about zoning click the link here. Once there, click on the township your development is located within and you will find contact information for the Township Trustees, Zoning Inspector, Zoning Resolution, and a link to the Township's website if available.

Yes. A civil engineer licensed in the State of Ohio must prepare the site plans.

No. The Licking County Commissioners have not accepted bonds covering an entire development since 2013. In some cases, if agreed to by the commissioners, a small portion of a development (i.e. sidewalks only, streetlights only) may be bonded when the installation is planned but delayed by unforeseen circumstances.

Yes. See Section 302.4 (H): Preliminary Plan of the Licking County Subdivision Regulations for more details.

The Licking County Planning Commission Fee Schedule can be found here. Other Agencies that are a part of the review process may require fees associated with their review. Please contact the various agencies for more information.

In cases where the development cannot comply with a specific regulation or a regulation causes unnecessary hardship, a variance may be a possibility. A variance can only be granted by the Licking County Planning Commission, and not by the staff. If a variance is approved, the design of the proposed development may proceed without complying with that specific requirement, to the extent of the approved request.

The best place to start is by calling our office to discuss your proposal and/or set-up a time to meet with our staff. From there, we will guide you to the right contacts and next steps, depending upon the specific details of your proposal.

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