Helpful Hints

About your ride:

  • Your driver will wear a uniform and have an identification badge.
  • The bus may arrive 15 minutes before or 15 minutes after your scheduled pickup time, so please be ready to go.
  • Have the exact fare to pay the driver when you board the bus.
  • You may ride with other passengers.
  • Schedules will be taken up to 2 weeks in advance.
  • You may not travel on the most direct route to your destination. Other passengers may be picked up or dropped off along the way.

Cancellations and No/Show Policy:
Passengers must cancel previously scheduled trips at least two hours prior to the scheduled pick up time.

Inclement Weather:
The LCT provides transportation services up to a LEVEL 3 snow emergency, unless otherwise requested to cease services by the Licking County Sheriff. During inclement weather, trips may be later than scheduled, as the safety of our passengers and drivers is our first priority. The LCTB wants to be assured that all transportation provided is in a safe and secure manner. If you are concerned about your transportation on a potentially inclement day, call the dispatch office to inquire about your scheduled trips.

If transportation is cancelled, it will be announced on the local radio stations.

Animal Transportation:
Except for service animals, LCT does not transport animals or pets. You must be in control of your service animal at all times.

Groceries/Bags/Carryon Items:
All LCTB passengers are permitted to carry on to LCT vehicles personal items. These items, however, are limited to what can be carried safely on the passenger's lap. In addition all carry on items must be secured in a tote or bag or other means of control. No loose item that may become a hazard in the event of a sudden stop will be permitted. No open containers of drinks, food, or other liquids that can spill are permitted.

No carry on items that at the discretion of the driver and dispatcher may cause harm to the driver, another passenger(s) or the vehicle will be permitted on any vehicle at any time.

Abusive/Disruptive Behavior
The LCT has established "Passenger Rules and Regulations" to assure the transportation services are provided in a safe and comfortable manner. Abusive or disruptive behavior displayed by a passenger may result in suspension and/or termination of transportation services.