Plan Your Visit

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Planning a visit to the Licking County Records & Archives Reference Room? We are excited for you to explore the historical records of Licking County. If you are not local to Licking County, it may be beneficial for you to contact us in advance of your visit, so we can assure that you can promptly access the desired records.

To safeguard our unique and historical materials, researchers are required to observe the following rules while visiting the Reference Room:


Researchers are encouraged to view items in the Reference Room of the Licking County Records & Archives Center during regular business hours, Monday-Friday 8:00am to 4:30pm. Please check with Licking County Records & Archives Center staff regarding holiday exceptions. Appointments are not required, but recommended.

Personal Belongings:

Coats, pursues, bags, and other personal items must be left in the area provided. Licking County Records & Archives Center staff is not responsible for items lost or stolen. Any bags or personal items that enter the premises may be subject to inspection.

Unless otherwise authorized by law, pursuant to the Ohio Revised Code, no person shall knowingly possess, have under the person’s control, convey, or attempt to convey a deadly weapon or dangerous ordnance onto the premises.


Researchers are permitted to use personal computers or tablets.

You may use cell phones in the Reference Room, but for the courtesy of others, we ask that any extensive phone or video conversations be conducted outside.

If you wish to listen to music while conducting research, you are absolutely welcome to do so, as long as headphones are used and volumes are kept to a reasonable level. 

Food & Beverages:

Food and uncovered beverages are not permitted in the Reference Room under any circumstances. Covered beverages (i.e. bottles of water) are permitted at the discretion of the Reference Room staff. Covered beverages, when permitted, must be kept off the table and away from the records-there are no exceptions.

Food and beverages of any kind are not permitted in the Reference Room during special events.     

Using Archival Materials:


All material must be handled with care, some records may require to use of gloves.

No pens, highlighters, markers or other non-archival writing utensils are permitted in the Reference Room near the records. Large binders, notepads, folders or other items that could be used to conceal the removal of a record from the Records & Archives Center are not permitted on work spaces that contain records.

Pencils and loose leaf note paper will be provided upon request.

Do not mark, erase, fold, make tracings or rubbing of materials, or mutilate records in any way. Do not place adhesive notes, paperclips or any other materials on the original records which could alter them. As per the Ohio Revised Code 2913.42, falsifying, destroying, removing, concealing, altering, defacing or otherwise mutilating public records is considered a felony and is strictly prohibited. Anyone found to be tampering or attempting to tamper with the records found at the Licking County Records & Archives Center will be subject to prosecution to the fullest extent of the law.

Material Limits & Maintaining Original Order:

Researchers may use either one volume or one box at a time. Original order must be maintained, placeholder will be provided upon request. Do not shift the order of items in any folder or box.

There are no limits on the number of records or volumes that a researcher can request to view.

Circulation & Reproductions:

Archival collections are non-circulating materials, meaning that they cannot be checked out and taken like a library’s collection. No materials may be taken from the Licking County Records & Archives Center. We will be happy to assist you with making copies (fees may apply). 

Reference Services: 

We are happy to provided reference assistance via email, in-person or by phone regarding the contents of and access to our collections as well as answers to factual questions as per the Ohio Revised Code.

To better assist you, please describe your request as thoroughly as possible with as many details as possible. Helpful information includes names, dates, case numbers, and specific locations. If your request is excessively broad or vague we may not be able to assist in your research.

If your request requires more than 8 books or full boxes, it will be the responsibility of the researcher to search the records. Otherwise if the request uses less than 8 books or full boxes, the Reference Archivist will be happy to assist you in searching for the information within the records.

Please note that during special events researchers and attendees are wholly responsible for conducting their own research, regardless of the number of books or boxes requested, due to space and staffing limitations.   

Publication & Citation Requirements:

You are welcome to publish materials found at the Licking County Records & Archives Center, however, as with any other source you must provide a citation. The form of citation will be determined by the format style you are using, regardless there are certain key pieces of information that you will typically need to cite material found in our collections:

Title of Record

Name of Collection or Record Series

Box or Volume Number

Case Number (If applicable)

Originating Agency (If applicable)

Repository and Location

Notice: The Licking County Records & Archives Center reserves the right to carry out or alter these policies as it sees fit in accordance with the Ohio Revised Code.