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Concealed Carry Info

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Concealed Carry License

How to Apply:

Download application and handbook from the Ohio Attorney General's website.

-- OR --

Come to the Sheriff's Lobby and ask for them.

Concealed Carry Application/Renewal Process:
  • Component 1- Complete the entire application form (answer all questions and sign)
  • Component 2- Attach a wallet size color photo. The photo must be no older than 30 days.
  • Component 3- Provide a copy of documented training, which complies with the concealed carry law for a new application only. Renewal applications must provide a previously issued concealed carry license from any county in Ohio expired or still valid (Read handbook for details.)
  • Component 4- Read the concealed carry law handbook cover to cover. (The booklet explains all aspects of the process.) You must attest to reading and understanding this publication.
  • Component 5- You must provide  a valid driver's license or other official form of identification. You Must also provide one of the following documents...
    • United States issued Birth Certificate
    • United States issued Passport
    • Or Alien Registration documents, showing your legal status in the US

Applications Accepted
7:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Tuesdays and Thursdays Only
Closed from 11:00 to 12:00 for lunch hour
No appointments necessary on Walk-In first come basis

Licking County Sheriff's Department (Justice Center)
155 East Main Street, Newark, OH 43055

The General Information phone number is 740-670-5508. Starting August 1st, 2018, appointments will no longer be necessary. Refer to the office hours listed above.

Applicants arriving without the 5 aforementioned components or incomplete documentation will have to come back at another time with their completed documents.

If you are an Ohio resident for more than 5 years, the cost is $67. If this is not the case, the fee is $77. If you are renewing your license and have been a resident of Ohio for more than 5 years, the cost is $50. If not, this fee is $60.These fees must be made in cash, certified check or money order. No personal checks or bankcards will be accepted.

Application fees will be waived for new and renewals for Veterans who present a DD214 form #2 or #3 copy showing an HONORABLE discharge.

Application fees will also be waived for current active or reserve duty members of the armed forces, who present Military ID and a copy or their orders or a copy of the most recent weapons qualification documents.

Please remember you will not leave here with the Concealed Carry License in hand. This initial visit is to start the background check, which could take up to 45 days.

Temporary Emergency Applications are Accepted Tuesdays and Thursdays only from
7:00 AM to 7:00 PM. No appointment is necessary. The cost is $37 for residents of Ohio of 5 years or longer and $47.00 for residents of Ohio less than 5 years.

Change Of Address For A Existing Licking County CCW License:

To physically change the address and be issued a new ccw card, simply bring the old Licking county CCW license to the sheriff’s office along with your ID and a $15.00 cash fee. No appointment is necessary, however you may want to call our voice mail to make sure we have hours the day you plan to come in.

If you do not need an updated CCW card but want to notify us of a change in your address, please, simply email Sondra Schlaegel at with your CCW license number and your old and new address, your information will be updated in the Law Enforcement Computer and you will be sent a confirmation.

If you have a CCW license issued from another county and reside in Licking County now, then you will need to contact the issuing County to have your address updated. Once your license comes up for renewal you will be able to renew it in Licking County.