Connection Fees and Requirements Residential*

The Ohio Revised Code requires all homes within two hundred (200) feet of a main sewer line must be connected to the sewer. Connection to the water lines is at the discretion of the homeowner.

As of April 22, 2010, Licking County Water and Wastewater requires our personnel to conduct an on-site visit evaluation prior to excavation of the property. Appointments must be scheduled through the Billing Office at 740-928-0302. This visit will determine location of water lines and/or sewer lines and STEP tank placement. The following must be completed before scheduling of the on-site visit:

  1. Property lines marked and visible
  2. General house/building location marked and visible
  3. Water well location marked and visible (new sewer service only)
  4. House/building sewer discharge location and elevation, if available

We do require a forty- eight (48) hour scheduling notice for this visit.

Once this evaluation is complete, then a tap-in permit may be issued. All new customers or their contractors should telephone or come to our office at 4455C Walnut Rd, Buckeye Lake, with the property’s physical address, lot number, addition and parcel number. Once all information is verified, then a permit may be purchased and signed for the new service. Permits are valid for ninety (90) days from date of purchase.

Customers will be hiring their own contractors but our operators must be present for inspection at the time of actual tap-in. We require a forty-eight (48) hour scheduling notice.

Sewer service charges will begin from date of tap. Water billing will begin when the water meter is installed. Meters must be accessible to the water employees at all times. water sewer rates

Existing homes that are deemed a source of pollution by the Board of Health and the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency may fall under the previous capacity fees. Each case will be reviewed by appropriate authority and connection fees will be approved by the Board of Licking County Commissioners.

Commercial units will be evaluated on an individual basis. Please contact our Billing Office at 740-928-0302 for information.

Buckeye Lake Sewer

Gravity System (in Village of Buckeye Lake)

$6000.00 connection fee to system

Sewer availability must be approved before permits may be signed

We require the new customer to provide us with a copy of their property deed and parcel number.

On-Lot STEP System

$6000.00 connection fee to system

A down payment is required to cover the cost of various parts to make the tank function, amount varies depending on type of system. These parts include; Pump, Filtered Vault, Floats, Plumbing, and electrical wiring items. Until the actual installation, there are some items for which we will not know the exact charges. An example would be items that are charged per foot, such as service line or electric cable. New customers should expect an additional invoice after the installation.

Tank Purchase cost can very depending on type to be installed and will be billed separately. Please go to to see current tank pricing, connection fees and options.

If a business or personal check is used to pay the tap/connection fee, we require verification of funds in the bank account used.

Customers must sign an easement allowing our operators to enter onto their property. The form is available in our office and will be completed by our Billing Clerk. Each owner of the property must sign the easement in front of a Notary Public and two witnesses. The Notary may act as one of the witnesses. We have Notaries available in our office should all of the information required be provided and the property owners are present to sign at the Billing Office.

Walnut Township customers must provide us with approval documentation from the Township.

Harbor Hills Water

$3,200 water connection fee

On-Lot STEP System Fees apply (see above)

We require the new customer to provide us with a copy of their property deed and parcel number.

A 3/4 inch water meter is provided with the connection fee

Prescott Estates Water and Sewer

$2500.00 water connection fee

$3000.00 sewer connection fee

We require the new customer to provide us with a copy of their property deed and parcel number.

A water meter is provided with the connection fee.

*Commercial customers fees will be calculated individually based on the information provided.