Department History

Buckeye Lake Sewer District #1

In 1956 the counties of Licking and Fairfield constructed central gravity sewers in Buckeye Lake Village and along the North and West Bank area. Licking County built a wastewater treatment plant to serve the system. In 1983, a project was completed to provide service to Licking and Fairfield County areas utilizing STEP collection sewers instead of gravity sewers. The existing wastewater treatment plant was expanded and updated. During the design of the project a small portion of Perry County was added to the project.

The Licking County Water and Wastewater Department completed a 2-year upgrade project of the Buckeye Lake Wastewater Treatment Plant. The Project began in April 2006 and was finished in June of 2008. The project was completed to update old equipment and tanks, to accommodate for growth and to comply with US EPA regulations.

The upgrade increased the plant capacities from an average daily flow of 1.1 million gallons per day to 2.0 million gallons per day with a peak flow of 7.0 million gallons per day.

The upgrade included a new Electrical Control Building, updated raw sewage pumps and a new Emergency Back Power Generator.

A new influent facility to control normal raw sewage and storm flows and a Storm Flow Pump Station to control the level in the Storm Water Retention Basin.

A third primary settling tank, a 1.1 million gallon dual track oxidation ditch, and 2 new secondary settling tanks were also added.

A sludge storage facility with a 2-meter dual mode BDP belt filter press and increased sludge digestion and storage was also added.

Licking Sewer District #2

Licking Sewer District is the collective name for one water and one wastewater districts located in central Licking County. These include:

Prescott Estates Water & Wastewater District #3

Prescott Estates is located on State Route 13 north of VanAtta in Newton Township.

Prescott Estates receives water from three wells located on Knollwood Drive. Water is chlorinated and pumped via two hydropneumatic tanks to the distribution system. The capacity of the water plant is 50,000 gpd. Water is distributed by transite water lines.

Sewage is collected by clay gravity sewers and discharged to the North Fork Interceptor Sewer for treatment at the Newark Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Prescott Estates was built in 1959 and acquired by the County in 1972. Prescott Estates has 151 customers.

Harbor Hills Water District #8

Harbor Hills is located on the northern shore of Buckeye Lake along Maple Bay in Licking Township.

In 1991 the district entered into an agreement to purchase water from the Village of Hebron. The maximum water capacity to be purchased from Hebron is 130,000 gpd. The distribution system consists of approximately 64,225 feet of iron, transite and plastic water lines.

The Harbor Hills system was built in 1927 and purchased in 1977 by Licking County. We serve water to approximately 350 customers.