Buckeye Lake Sewer Rehab Project 2022-2023

This project will perform a complete rehabilitation of all gravity main sewer lines and manholes in the Village Buckeye Lake/Licking Township area of the Buckeye Lake Sewer District. These lines were installed in the 1950’s and have reached their end of useful life. Resident should see some construction activity begin in May or June of 2022. Most all of the work will be completed in the Road Right of Way so private property will not be affected. However, some roads will more than likely be closed or brought down to single lanes of traffic once this project is in full swing. Thank you for cooperation and patience as this project is completed as this project is critical to carry raw sewage from your home to the treatment plant.

Avondale Water Project 2022

Phase 1 has been awarded to Law General Contracting in St. Louisville Ohio. Work is scheduled to begin on or around May 15th, 2022 and will take approximately 9 months to complete, depending on weather and supplies. The water system will not be activated until final completion. You can expect the water pressure to be @ 50-55 psi, depending on your location. Licking County is offering a reduced connection fee of $1,500.00, if connected with in 6 months of project completion. Licking County is also offering a monthly payment plan (up to 24 months), or tax assessment for the connection fee if it is helpful to you.

Licking County will install a Meter Pit to serve your property at the Road Right of Way and Property Line. Law General will install the pit in line with current well and also try to contact you for any location suggestions.

The owner’s responsibilities when connecting to the Public Water System are;

  • Complete a Tap Permit or agreement of payment plan and pay connection, fee if applicable.
  • Install water line from the meter pit to residence, disconnect/separate or abandon well and connect water line to house plumbing.
  • Complete APPLICATION / PERMIT FOR A PRIVATE WATER SYSTEM and pay the $75.00 fee for the Alteration-Public Water Connection or Sealing well through the Licking County Health Department. ( Permit Link Here )
  • Please Note; All persons, including homeowners, performing work on a private water system must be registered with the Ohio Department of Health as required in Ohio Administrative Code Rule 3701-28-18(A). List on file at LC Health Department.
  • If you are keeping your well as an Auxiliary Water Supply it must be physically separated from the Public Water System and the following; a Double Check Valve installed, install and water expansion tank, enter into a contract with Licking County certifying permanent disconnection.
  • If you are not keeping your well in service it must be properly abandoned as per the LC Health Department.

Phase 2 is in the final Ohio EPA approval stage and will be put out to bid in the next couple months. The info above will also apply to this phase and once we have additional information it will be shared with you.