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Township and Village Nominations for Members of District 17 of the Ohio Public Works Commission (OPWC) Integrating Committee

District 17 of the Ohio Public Works Commission will hold a meeting on Thursday, March 22, 2018 at 7:00 P.M. at the Donald D. Hill County Administration Building, 20 South Second Street, Newark, Ohio, Basement Meeting Room B, to nominate township and village representatives and their alternates to serve on the 20-member District 17 Ohio Public Works Commission Integrating Committee for a three-year term. The six member counties are Delaware, Fairfield, Knox, Licking, Morrow and Pickaway. Nominations will be taken from the floor and each township board and village CEO present, will have one vote. Ballots will be mailed to those townships and villages that are not able to attend.

The District 17 OPWC Integrating Committee (DIC) is made up of representatives of counties, villages, cities, and townships and private sector in the six county district, who are responsible for evaluating, scoring, and recommending over $13 million dollars to fund public infrastructure grant and loan projects. The Executive Committee is a working committee that is made up of nine of the twenty members and is responsible for reviewing and ranking of the applications. The Executive Committee usually meets 6-8 times per year to rank applications and to attend the Full Committee meetings. The Full Committee meets a minimum of two times per year, usually on a Friday morning, to elect officers, approve the ranking criteria and approve the slate of project applications sent to the OPWC. In addition, village and township members attend a working meeting once a year to review and prioritize projects that are submitted for Small Government funding.

It is important that representatives of townships and villages attend this meeting to have input into the makeup of the committee. Ohio Public Works Commission programs were designed for local decision-making from all levels of local government. Please feel free to contact the District 17 Liaison, Susan Spiker, if you have any questions or would like to RSVP for the March 22nd meeting with your name, the township or village you represent and phone number at 740-670-5208 or by email at For more information about the Ohio Public Works Commission, visit the website at