2024 Metropolitan Transportation Plan

Submitted Qualifications


Burgess & Niple

Envision Group

MS Consultants


2024 MTP RFQ Scope

Presubmittal Meeting- December 1, 2021


Questions & Answers:

Q:  Does being selected for the multi-jurisdictional Newark/Licking County Thoroughfare Plan project preclude or make our firm ineligible from leading or teaming with others on the MTP update for LCATS?

A:  No, your selection for that project does NOT preclude your firm from participating in the MTP RFQ submittal process in any capacity.


Q:  What is the budget that has been allocated for this proposal?

A:  Our budget allotment is set at $270,000 for the development of this plan, on which work should begin in July or August of 2022 and conclude by April 23, 2024.


Q:  I see references of transportation to medical services (as one definition) and understand you are studying air quality impacts, have you considered studying health outcomes in your region as part of this report? Health can be impacted by transportation behavior and its alternatives. Is this an aspect of scenario planning you would consider exploring?

A: Air quality impacts are a standard part of our MTP requirements, but we would certainly be interested in health outcomes as they relate to air quality conformity and transportation behavior/alternatives in scenario planning. The scenarios we included in the RFQ scope were items we knew we would like to be included in the plan, but are absolutely  open to other relevant scenarios that we have not yet considered.