Active Transportation

Hudson Avenue Demonstration Project

LCATS is collaborating once again with the Licking County Health Department- Creating Healthy Communities and the City of Newark to bring an active transportation infrastructure demonstration project to the streets and sidewalks of Newark.




What is an infrastructure demonstration project?

It is a low-cost, short-term, temporary pilot project meant to test out long-term design improvements.


Stay tuned for more information to come!

Johnstown Active Transportation Plan

LCATS has worked alongside the Village of Johnstown to create an active transportation plan that will assist Johnstown in creating a more walk-able and bike-able environment for citizens. These efforts are building upon the existing infrastructure and plans of the Village and will be beneficial to secure funding to implement improvement projects.

The public comment period for this project was from January 5, 2021 to February 5, 2021. Thanks to those that participated by providing your input.

Take a look at our proposed projects map below and preview the DRAFT PLAN until we release the final plan on May 11, 2021.

What is active transportation?

Active transportation is human-powered transportation that engages people in healthy physical activity as they travel to their destinations. Active transportation tends to be combined with public transportation for longer distances.


Active Transportation is a great way to exercise, thereby reducing the risks and health detriments associated with obesity, such as heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Exercise has also been proven to improve mental health and lower stress. It also benefits the environment by reducing motor vehicle emissions and pollutants, while sparing the user fuel costs and reducing vehicle maintenance costs.

What is active transportation planning?

Active Transportation Plans (ATPs) are documents that provide a roadmap for improved walking and bicycling conditions (as well as other alternative forms of active transportation where they apply). The planning process includes steps for gathering input, building community support, and lays the groundwork for funding and implementing a wide variety of projects, programs, and policies. ATPs can take place at the regional, county, city, village, or neighborhood level. Plans may also address access to transit through active travel models.

Why is active transportation planning important?

  • To connect people to everyday destinations (work, school, grocery stores, doctors, etc.)
  • To provide facilities that enable residents to walk and bike safely
  • Improved mobility options/connections to improve healthy living opportunities
  • To make the community more convenient and accessible for walkers and bikers
  • To provide residents with options for getting around other than by a personal vehicle
  • A need to extend our connected shared-use/bike paths with on-street bicycle and pedestrian facilities

Who is an ATP for?


  • Downtown residents who need better access to a grocery store for fresh, healthy foods
  • Students who need a safe route to and from school
  • Employers who can be accessible for employees by walking, biking, and transit
  • Recreational riders to have extended trails and connections throughout the county
  • Visitors who want to come and enjoy a walkable community downtown area or explore our bike trail network & the great outdoors

See our previous active transportation planning projects:


We collaborated with community partners to work on creating an Active Transportation Plan for Newark-Heath. We have worked together to draft an improved bicycle and pedestrian network. We asked for your feedback and you delivered. Your surveys and comments were compiled and used to guide our work. Take a look at our final plan by clicking the cover image below!

Planning Partners for the Newark-Heath ATP:
  • Licking County Area Transportation Study (LCATS)      
  • City of Newark
  • Licking County Health Department- Creating Healthy Communities
  • Hull & Associates, LLC
  • City of Heath 
  • Toole Design

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