Thoroughfare Plan

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Selection Committee - Consultants Score Sheet - RFQ

American Structurepoint

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RFQ Materials

City of Newark and Licking County Thoroughfare Plans RFQ/Scope

Long Range Transportation Plan 2021-2050

ODOT Transportation Data Management System

Central Ohio 2020-2050 Population and Employment Forecasts

Licking County Thoroughfare Zone Projections Map

City of Newark Thoroughfare Zone Projections Map


Pre-Submittal Meeting


Questions & Answers:

Q: The City of Newark Ohio & Licking County Ohio Thoroughfare Plan RFP states that we are to use #12    Arial font. Is there a restriction on the font variation? There is a narrow version and a regular version of Arial.

A: No, nothing that restrictive. We need to be able to read it; that is why Arial 12pt was specified.


Q: The RFP states that we need to include appendix A. But two personal tax affidavits, certification/affidavit in compliance with ORC, and a non-collusion affidavit are also included. Do we need to fill-out and sign each of these and include them in our submittal?

A: Yes, those need to be signed and included, one for the proposed project manager and one representing the company, for us to consider the RFQ for scoring.


Q: Are we signing the “Certification/Affidavit In Compliance with O.R.C. Section 3517.13” to confirm that we are under the limits stated or are we signing that we exceeded the limits as stated? 

A: Signing and submitting this certification/affidavit affirms that ownership of the consulting firm in question has not paid or donated to an elected official with intent to secure this project contract and that selection committee members or their relatives do not have part ownership, totaling 20% or more, in the consulting firm in question.