Water Sewer Analysis

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Licking County Water Sewer Analysis RFQ

Questions & Answers:

Q: Are we able to use font sizes smaller than 12pt for headers, footers, charts, graphics, and other elements apart from the main body text of the proposal as long as the text is legible?

A: Yes.


Q: Just confirming the page number limit.  It is unclear if you are allowing more pages for resumes, sub-consultants, past experience, etc. than just the 6 for PM and 4 for understanding that is mentioned. 

A: Team introduction is 6 pages and understanding of scope and approach is 4 pages.


Q: Is there an anticipated timeline for the report completion itself?

A: That is dependent on the winning consultant's proposal.


Q: Have all of the systems mentioned in the first bullet point been notified this project will be happening and are prepared to work with the selected consultant?

A: No, they have not.


Q: I would like to confirm that the page count is 10 single sided and not 10 double sided.

A: Yes, 10 page single sided.