Newton Township


Contact Information

Township Trustees:
Jeffery Hindel (740) 366-1129
Scott Ellis (740) 745-3491
Jeffrey Posey (740) 366-6956
Zoning Inspector:
Steve Trager (740) 745-2275
Fiscal Officer:
Alicia Preston (740) 745-5034 (H)

(740) 403-1134 (C)
Robert Guinsler (740) 404-3519 (C)

(740) 745-2274 (O)

Township information contained on this website is for general information purposes only. Unless otherwise specified, the information presented on this website is provided by each individual township. The plans and zoning documents are prepared, implemented, and enforced by the township. Every effort is made to keep the information posted as up-to-date as possible however, it is not guaranteed. Please verify all information with the respective township. For more information about the township and their zoning resolution, please contact the Zoning Inspector for your township.