Planning & Development

A Brief History:

The Licking County Planning & Development department is part of the planning commission, which was first authorized by the Ohio General Assembly in 1923 to ensure coordination of county development. The duties of the planning commission can be fulfilled by an individual county planning commission or a regional planning commission. The establishment of a regional planning commission must be authorized by the county commissioners and city planning commissions of the proposed region. The planning commission is comprised of 8 members, in addition to the county commissioners. In 1935 the General Assembly empowered the planning commissions to adopt rules and regulations regarding land development outside of the municipalities with the consent of the county commissioners. With the boom in population after World War 2, county development became increasingly important so in 1955 the planning commission was granted the power to accept and expend funds and services from all levels of government or other sources. To ensure that the planning commission is thoroughly addressing the needs of the county, since 1969 the commission has been examining not only the physical considerations of development, but also the economic and social factors of a proposed plan.             

Planning & Development Function:

The goal of the planning commission is to make recommendations for the orderly establishment of transportation systems, highways, parks, recreational facilities, water systems, sewage and garbage disposal and other public improvements. In Licking County, the Planning & Development department serves as the home of the County Planning Commission, the Licking County Area Transportation Study, and Community Development Organization. Collectively these organization manage: long term planning and development regulations, the Metropolitan Planning Organization, transportation, grants, and fair housing programs within Licking County.   

Licking County Records & Archives Center Holdings:

Today, some of the historical and necessary permanent records of the Licking County Planning & Development department are being maintained by the Licking County Records & Archives Center. For more recent records and/or certified records please contact the Licking County Planning & Development (Phone: 740-670-5200)


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