New Sewer Service Narrative

Welcome to Licking County Water and Wastewater! We are pleased to have you as a new customer. The following steps will guide you through the New Sewer Service procedure.

The first step is to have a site visit performed before any excavation is done. This is crucial in identifying where the sewer utility is located and in deciding the best placement for your STEP tank or gravity sewer tap. Please call 740-928-0302 to schedule your site visit. Site Visit

Once the site visit is completed and the location for sewer service is determined you will need to complete a tap permit and pay the necessary fees. permit and current fees Other information is also needed to complete the tap permit.

  • Copy of the property deed.
  • A Sewer Easement will need to be provided if the property is to be served by the STEP System. Easement
  • If the property is located in Fairfield County, Walnut Township a Road Right of Way permit is needed and can be obtained at the Walnut Township Trustees Office. 740-467-2420

Following these steps will assure all requirements are met and sewer service provided in a timely manner, with possible completion in 1 to 2 weeks. Throughout this process we encourage you to be in contact with our office personnel.