Residential and Commercial Rates

Buckeye Lake Sewer

Residential Sewer - $48.00/monthly - Billed at a flat rate per EDU (1 equivilent dwelling units 5250 gallons/month

Commercial Sewer - Billed per EDU based on monthly water usage

Prescott Estates Water and Sewer

Sewer - $31.35/monthly - Billed at a flat rate per household

Water - $20.50/monthly for 0-2000 gallons* - $ .50/each additional 100 gallons

Harbor Hills Water

Residential Water - $25.00/monthly 0-2000 gallons - $ 1.01/each additional 100 gallons

Commercial Water - $40.20/monthly 0-2000 gallons - $2.01/each additional 100 gallons

All Districts

Late Fees are $5.00 or 10% per service, whichever is greater

Insufficient funds fee $25.00

Service call fee $45.00 (depending on service provided)

*The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency estimates the average daily use of water per person is 100 gallons.